4-Axis CNC Milling Solutions | Hard Metal 4-Axis Machining

As a more efficient alternative to 3-axis milling, 4-axis CNC milling provides increased production effectiveness while producing consistent, high quality precision machined components. With an easy setup and flexible processing, 4-axis milling is perfect for components that require greater flexibility and cutting angles than a 3-axis milling center can accommodate. Additionally, 4-axis milling can be used for secondary operations on parts that come off of our lathes. The added axis allows for simultaneous movement and rotation for increased accessibility.

With over a decade of hard metal machining expertise, Miller CNC has cultivated a manufacturing process that focuses on technology, efficiency, and exceptional attention to detail. We look to not only meet our customer’s expectations but exceed them with every production run we manufacture.

4-Axis Milling Advantages

With the ability to produce more complex shapes than a 3-axis milling center (features around the perimeter of a part), 4-axis milling often utilizes shorter cutting tools that equates to a better surface quality due to the ability to machine at higher speeds. One key advantage to 4-axis milling is the capability of the 4-axis mill to machine higher volumes than a 3-axis mill. 4-axis milling allows for increased volume due to holding multiple parts in one fixture while hitting multiple sides of that part in a single setup.

High-Quality 4-Axis Milling Expertise

Miller CNC has the aerospace and military component expertise to produce high-quality, performance-based machined components. Our 4-axis milling machine centers can efficiently machine your component with ease. Our planning and engineering processes include multi-step development plans, inspections, and quality control measures to ensure complete product conformance.

Our specialization working with hard metals and superalloys along with our state-of-the-art milling equipment provides an unparalleled manufacturing experience.

Start Your 4-Axis CNC Milling Project Today

Work with the innovative aerospace experts at Miller CNC for your next 4-axis CNC milling project. Our vast superalloy expertise along with our aerospace industry knowledge have made us a trusted manufacturer for high-performance complex aerospace components. Discuss your 4-axis milling needs with us today.


 Complex 4 Axis Milled Housing

Complex 4 Axis Milled Housing