Industries Served by Miller CNC

We work closely with a wide variety of industry-leading OEMs, manufacturing complex components that meet stringent application requirements for demanding and challenging environments.

Precision CNC For Industrial Use 

While we work with and serve all industries, our work focuses on the following industries:


Our aerospace experience includes working with aircraft and engine OEMs, MROS, component manufacturers, space manufacturers, missile designers, UAVs, and more. We are AS9100 certified and work directly to Primes and Tier 1 aerospace organizations.


We work with military and defense organizations primarily manufacturing parts and systems for military aircraft, military spacecraft, ground defense vehicles, military electronics, and ship building.

Oil and Gas

Due to the nature of the oil and gas industry, components for field equipment must be able to operate in harsh environments. Our expertise with hard metals and super alloys has enabled us to work extensively with oil and gas manufacturers, responding quickly to changing market conditions.


The automotive industry was the first industry Miller CNC worked with, serving a high-performance aftermarket automotive manufacturer. We understand what the automotive industry needs for machine parts that adhere to both engineering standards as well as aesthetic standards.


Cryogenics covers a vast array of different industries including aeronautics, space, defense, industrial manufacturing, chemical processing, and more. Working with cryogenics, we understand the importance of thermal stability and how exotic metals play a role with cryogenic components.

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With extensive experience machining exotic alloys including Inconel and Titanium, while also offering turnkey CNC machining solutions, learn why industry-leading OEMs and manufacturers trust us for mission-critical components. Contact us or call us at 619-501-9866 today.