Actuators for the Aerospace Industry

Typically, hydraulic actuators have housing, piston, shaft, and inlet/outlet fittings on top of electronic controls. Many of these components have tight dimensional requirements, including critical surface finishes as they operate at high pressure in difficult environments. Along with stringent deburring controls used to eliminate the possibility of FOD (foreign object debris), poor workmanship can lead to a lack of control of tight tolerances which can cause an entire system failure. Because of these risks it is critical to use a shop with the know-how that Miller CNC has developed.

As a trusted precision CNC manufacturing shop, Miller CNC has extensive experience manufacturing critical components for aerospace actuators.

Precision CNC Machining of Actuators

Actuator housings can benefit from a combination of our high-quality CNC Turning and 5-Axis Milling. Our advanced software and internal processes allow us to complete milling in a single setup. This assures near-perfect positional tolerances and the best efficiency possible due to a reduction in machine setup time and touch time during production. Examples of internal components we manufacture include: Pistons, Shafts, Poppets, Inlet/Outlet Fittings, End Caps, and many more.

For projects that require tight tolerances outside of traditional machining methods, we have built a reliable supply chain that includes AS9100 certified specialty shops. These vendors can perform grinding, honing, lapping, wo we can offer you a turnkey component or even an assembly.

Specialty Hard Metal Expertise

Internal components are often made of hard-to-machine materials such as exotic grades of stainless steel and nickel alloys. They primarily have tight diameter and surface finish requirements, which can pose problems for machinists unfamiliar with hard metal machining. Miller CNC enjoys working on challenging projects where we can flex our hard metal machining expertise.

Work with Miller CNC Hard Metal Experts

With extensive experience machining hard metals, you can depend on Miller CNC to manufacture aerospace actuators with the tight tolerances and surface finishes needed for mission-critical components. Call us at 619-501-9866 or contact us and discuss your actuator project with us.