Aerospace Flow Control Valves

From de-icing systems to cabin pressure units to fuel pumps, Miller CNC machines high-quality aerospace valves and components. Valves can control the flow and volume of air or fluids in different aircraft applications, making them an integral component for aircraft operations. Additional examples of components we manufacture include control valves for fuel injection systems and valves for brake controls, among others.

Control Valves for Extreme Conditions

Control valves primarily consist of a housing, inlet/outlet fitting, pressure regulator unit, butterfly valve, and electronic or manual actuators. While control valves can be machined from all types of materials, they are generally made of Stainless Steel, Inconel, or other hard-to-machine alloys. Functioning in high-pressure environments requires high-performance materials that can withstand the pressure, heat and rugged environment inherent to aerospace operations.

Deburring also factors in manufacturing reliable aerospace and aircraft control valves. Burrs are a normal occurrence when machining aerospace valves. They pose a problem when they loosen and can block valves and ultimately create a complete system failure. FOD (foreign object debris) is typically one of the bigger causes of system failure and Miller CNC has the process control required to eliminate this risk.

Miller CNC Valve Machining Capabilities

With substantial experience machining from bar/plate and forging/casting, we can build control valves to print from nearly any material. These components often require turning and milling operations, which lends to our expertise. With our strong CNC Turning and 5-Axis Milling capabilities, we can setup housings and complete nearly any component in 2 or 3 setups. This setup efficiency can be created regardless of geometry or complexity. This provides an efficient way to machine your aerospace valve compared to creating specialized fixtures for multiple machine operations as many shops do.

Discuss Your Flow Control Valve Project Today

For demanding aerospace and aircraft environments that require reliable control valves, work with Miller CNC and create a control valve designed for your specific application needs. Contact us or call us at 619-501-9866 and start your aerospace valve control project today.