Precision CNC Milling Services

As technologies advance, the demands and quality standards of CNC-milled components for aerospace, military and defense, and other specialized industries have become increasingly stringent. Miller CNC has experience working closely with top OEMs from a variety of industries to ensure we adhere to the highest quality standards when machining specialty metals.

Our skilled manufacturers utilize advanced CNC milling equipment and ISO9001:2015-certified manufacturing techniques to form specialized, complex components. We use 3-axis milling centers and 5-axis machining equipment with innovative CAM programming to form products up to 40 inches long that meet your application requirements. Our fully automated CNC machining capabilities allow us to optimize cycle time while performing all required machining processes in a single fixture, saving production time, labor, and setup costs.

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3-Axis Milling Services & Equipment

3-axis CNC milling is ideal for milling simple parts, large components, or high-volume orders that can be produced at high levels of repeatability. This versatile milling process is designed for automatic operation and can hold multiple parts to cut in a single setup. Common pieces include square shapes, rectangular parts, and complex geometric components that can be held in a vise or custom fixture.

Miller CNC uses different 3-axis milling equipment for fabricating custom components:

  • Doosan, DNM-5700, 8K RPM, 0x20x25 machining center
  • Haas, VF3, 12K RPM, 40x20x25 machining center
  • Haas, VF2, 7500 RPM, 30x20x20 machining center

5-Axis Milling Services & Equipment

As our most advanced milling service, 5-axis CNC milling has become the standard option for manufacturing performance-built, complex components at high turnout rates. With our 5-axis CAM software with machine simulation, all features are machined without physically handling the part in one setup for faster, more cost-effective production. By milling a single component on multiple sides from a single fixture, 5-axis machining provides more accuracy than any other form of machining.

We operate various 5-axis milling machines to manufacture high-quality parts:

  • Hermle, C400, 18K RPM 36x30x20 machining center
  • Hermle, C30, 18K RPM, 30x20x20 machining center
  • 2 Doosan, DNM-5AX, 12K RPM, 18x18x18 machining centers
  • Haas, VF2, 10K RPM, 30x20x20 machining center

Milling Software

Miller CNC builds and designs fixtures and performs in-house CAM programming. Our dedication to efficient process management includes documentation for all job aspects, from machining to quality control to production cost control. When the time comes for a repeat production run, we can efficiently fulfill your order with a rapid changeover time.

Milling Software Programs

Miller CNC uses the following software programs for precision CNC machining services:

  • Hypermill 5-axis CAM software with machine simulation
  • Solidworks software
  • MasterCAM X10 software
  • PC-DMIS CAD++ software
  • Shoptech E2 ERP software

Miller CNC Superalloy & Hard Metal Milling Advantages

Miller CNC is your best source for high-quality, advanced machined components. We can manufacture specialized components from difficult-to-machine hard metals and superalloys. These metals include Inconel™, titanium, stainless steel, carbon steel, and exotic alloys. Our precision milling experience gives us the tools to create high-performance components for strict industrial applications.

CNC Milling & Multi-Axis Milling Applications

Miller CNC offers reliable and dynamic CNC milling capabilities to create high-precision machined components and assemblies, with specialty parts including but not limited to:

  • Fuel Valves
  • Hydraulic Actuators
  • Pressure Control Units
  • Shafts

CNC Milling Solutions for Multiple Industries

With over a decade of experience with military and defense contracts, we are a trusted and reliable manufacturer of machined components. Additional industries served by Miller CNC’s milling services include:

CNC Milling FAQs

What is precision CNC machining?

CNC milling machines use advanced design software to create custom, complex components for industrial equipment and projects. Miller CNC uses 3-axis milling machines and 5-axis machining centers to manufacture high-performance geometries with extreme accuracy. Our precision CNC milling services provide top-quality machined components at lower costs and quick production rates.

How much does CNC machining cost per hour?

Many elements influence the price of a CNC-machined project. Determining factors can include the material used, the CNC machining center employed, and the number of components required. Prices can range from as low as $50 per hour up to $500, depending on numerous variables. Request a quote for a personalized project estimate.

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