Custom CNC Machining Value Added Services

Quality, ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturing Processes

Mission-critical CNC machined components often require additional services to improve part performance and quality. While our primary focus is precision CNC machining, Miller CNC also offers high-quality value-added services. We can outsource services such as heat treatment for grinding or painting. Whatever you need, we will work to ensure we will procure the necessary materials for your machining project. We leverage our network of trusted vendors to decrease lead time and ensure product quality. As an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9001 REV D-certified, ITAR-registered machine shop, we can manufacture components to the highest industry standards.

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Value Added CNC Machining Services

Heat Treatments

The heat treatment process increases the hardness, strength and durability of  CNC machined components. Depending on the grade to which the component is heat treated, additional benefits can include improved integrity, machineability and corrosion resistance.

Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing

Destructive and Non-destructive testing (NDT) determine how a component will behave under pressure until failure. NDT examines a component for defects and discontinuities without damaging the original part.

Metal Plating/Finishing

Finishing alters the surface of a workpiece and prepares it for bonding, plating or painting.


The exact type of welding process and machine required, Mig, Tig or Plasma Arc, depends on the material being machined and final product design. Welding provides an added degree of precision for intricate CNC components.

Sinker and Wire EDM

Our operators can use innovative Sinker and Wire EDM to create complex, highly accurate tooling and intricate shapes.


Grinding refines the surface finishes of finalized CNC components. This can involve tampering, stepping, grooving, profiling, chamfering and more to either create a better finish or prepare a component for additional finishing services.


Honing improves or corrects the diameter, shape, surface finish and tolerances of a machined component.

Sheet Metal

There are many different ways that we can fabricate sheet metal to meet your application requirements. Popular sheet metal fabrication services include:

  • Cutting
  • Punching
  • Forming
  • Holemaking
  • Stamping
  • Threading


Taking a CNC machined component to a fully-assembled product streamlines manufacturing to save on time and costs.

Swiss Machining

Miller CNC can fulfill Swiss CNC machining requirements for smaller, intricate parts that require extreme accuracy.

*NADCAP where appropriate

Benefits of Miller CNC Value Added Manufacturing Services

Over the years, we have developed exceptional working relationships with competent companies that have proven themselves to produce performance-built services with a history of quality and dependability. Our supply chain is vigorous, enabling us to reduce production costs by streamlining any potential issues. We take the risk out of working with new shop vendors who might be unfamiliar with aerospace processes or standards.

In order to decrease your lead time, we manage turnkey components and assemblies through our trusted network of reliable vendors. We have developed a supply chain that is certified to all aerospace standards, providing you with the reliability and quality you can depend on. With our value-added services, we can manage the details of getting parts finished for you while passing on cost-saving benefits to you.

CNC Machining Services

Miller CNC utilizes the latest in 3-axis4-axis, and 5-axis machining technologies in order to form your specific components from the most durable, reliable metals available. As an AS9100D certified manufacturer, Miller CNC creates performance-built components using hard to machine metals, including

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With customer satisfaction as a fundamental priority, Miller CNC looks forward to being not only your CNC machining provider but also your sourcing partner as well. Request a quote or Contact us to discuss your value-added service requirements with us today.


 Special Processing Performed by NADCAP Vendor

Special Processing Performed by NADCAP Vendor