Aerospace CNC Machining

Aerospace components are an integral part of successful aerospace missions and initiatives. Precision machining of mission-critical components is highly necessary for safe operations, making it essential to partner with a trusted, proven machine shop for aerospace machined parts.

Miller CNC has extensive experience manufacturing mission-critical aircraft components for OEMs, MROs, and Tier 1 companies in the aerospace industry. We utilize cutting-edge CNC milling equipment and a wide range of advanced software technology to create custom components for your specific requirements.

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Precision Aerospace CNC Machining

Safety is one of the most essential factors in the aerospace industry. With even the slightest error capable of creating devastation, every component of every aircraft system must be manufactured to the highest standard. CNC machining offers an exceptional solution for precision manufacturing, removing the risk of human error and ensuring production consistency. These processes can repeatedly create aerospace-machined parts of the highest quality and care to ensure proper composition.

As an AS9100 and ISO9001:2015-certified industrial machine shop, Miller CNC is authorized to manufacture aerospace machined parts according to strict standards. Our precision CNC machining services and CNC turning capabilities include full-service manufacturing operations and machining parts made from bar, plate, forging, casting, and additional components. Our in-house milling equipment allows us to fabricate virtually any component up to 40 in. in length with extreme precision and accuracy.

Aerospace Machined Component Applications

Our 3-axis CNC mills and 5-axis machines allow us to create high-performance aerospace parts with tight tolerances and critical surface finishes. We have proven experience manufacturing specific aircraft components for aerospace OEMs and MROs, including fuel valve weldments, turbine engine parts, stainless complex aircraft fuel valves, fuel system housings, and more. Additionally, we can use our precision CNC machining capabilities to manufacture components for spacecraft, missiles, and UAVs or drones.

Advanced CNC Machining Software

Our innovative software allows us to manufacture all aerospace machined parts in one setup without physical handling. This advanced technology allows for more accuracy than any other milling machine can provide and is critical for machining precision aerospace components. We use various software for our machining operations, including:

  • MasterCAM X2 software
  • HyperMILL CAM system with machine simulation
  • PC-DMIS CAD+ software
  • Shoptech E2 management system
  • SOLIDWORKS software

Hard Metal Materials for Aerospace Components

We have extensive experience working with hard metals and alloys to meet application demands. Our skilled machinists can form complex parts and performance-built components from a variety of difficult-to-machine specialty hard metals. At Miller CNC, we can perform CNC machining using the following materials:

While we often recommend stainless steel and superalloys like Inconel for aerospace applications, additional metal alloys can also be used. Talk to an expert at Miller CNC to learn more about hard metal components for aerospace applications.

Miller CNC is Your Trusted Source for Custom Aerospace Machined Parts

At Miller CNC, we have extensive experience supplying parts directly to Primes and Tier 1 aerospace companies. As an industry-leading CNC machine shop, we are dedicated to supporting our clients and their missions across numerous industries. We demonstrate this commitment through our high-performance and reliable machining services, creating precision CNC-machined components for virtually all applications. Our fully automated CNC machining capabilities allow us to optimize cycle time while performing all required machining processes in a single fixture, saving valuable production time and reducing labor and setup costs.

Our sourced hardware meets MIL-Spec, AMS-Spec, and AN-Spec regulatory requirements. We can procure the necessary materials for your component, manufacture it to your exact requirements, and assemble it as required. We pride ourselves on creating difficult and complex parts within time-critical schedules. Ensure you receive the high-performance components you want with the mission-critical configurations you need at Miller CNC.

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