Carbon Steel Machining

As an alloyed steel, carbon steel is the term generally used for alloys of steel that are not stainless. Carbon steel can include mild steels which are generally inexpensive and easy to machine. Higher-end carbon steels are also relatively easy to machine and offer high-wear resistance and tensile strength. Both types of carbon steel offer reasonable strength when compared to aluminum but they do not offer the corrosion-resistance stainless steel provides. Machinability primarily declines once hardness increases.

Carbon Steel Machining Considerations

Carbon steel is generally easy to machine unless it is heat-treated to high-tensile or wear-resistant levels. These levels can reach 60 Rc and are typically not machinable with traditional machining methods. Miller CNC has partnered with suppliers that perform non-traditional machining methods such as grinding, honing, and EDM for increased options for your carbon steel components.

Difficulties can arise when machining carbon steel when attempting to achieve fine surface finishes. The material is generally “soft” which requires proper cutting strategies in order to maintain tight dimensional tolerances and surface finishes. Miller CNC has developed optimal machining methods and tooling knowledge where we can achieve optimal material removal rates without compromising the fine surface finish measurements and aesthetics.

Miller CNC Carbon Steel Machining Advantages

We primarily machine high-tensile grades of carbon steel including 4130, 4140, 4340, 300M, 8620, and more. Many carbon steel grades are heat-treated or case-hardened prior to finish machining in order to tailor the physical properties to the intended application. Miller CNC has the capability to machine carbon steel in the form of bar, plate, forging, and casting. Examples of carbon steel components we have manufactured include:

Discuss Carbon Steel Machining Projects with Us

Miller CNC specializes in hard metal machining and has the tooling knowledge and carbon steel experience needed for mission-critical components. Request a quote or call us at 619-501-9866 to get started on your carbon steel machining project today.

Simple 300M Machined Shaft

Simple 300M Machined Shaft