Materials For Structural Components | Aerospace Industry

Structural components can include a variety of complex components and materials. Examples of components we have manufactured include brackets, beams, tracks, bulkheads, and more. Structural components range in sizes, geometries, and materials. The form and function of your structural component will largely determine which type of material is best suited for your needs, and Miller CNC can likely meet your demands.

Materials for Structural Components

Common but difficult-to-machine materials such as Titanium are ideal for structural aircraft parts due to its lightweight and high-strength nature along with its corrosion and heat-resisting properties. We also have extensive experience machining structural components from easy-to-machine materials such as aluminum.

Miller CNC specializes in difficult-to-machine alloys for high-performance components.

Reliable Supply Chain for Raw Materials

Throughout our tenure as a skilled CNC machine shop, we have created a reliable supply chain for raw materials and post-machine processing. This supply chain meets Prime and Tier 1 aircraft manufacturing standards. Benefits of working with Miller CNC include cutting a single purchase order and receiving a completed, finished component. All sub-tier vendors are Nadcap approved where appropriate. We also routinely work with customer-approved sources (processors and material mills) that allow us to efficiently manufacture your components with quality controlled to the highest level.

Advanced Programming Processes

Many components contain complex geometries like thin walls, deep pockets and tight GD&T features which require significant expertise in order to successfully manufacture. Our vast structural component manufacturing experience includes optimal CAD/CAM programming and work holding approaches. We have created fixturing/work holding methods, tooling, and quality control procedures that deliver high-quality structural components in a wide range of materials and complexities.

Discuss Your Structural Component Project with Us

Work with the experts at Miller CNC on your next structural component project. Our team can manufacture structural components that meet your stringent requirements. Contact us or call us at 619-501-9866 today.