CNC Machined Components & Assembly Solutions

CNC machining utilizes innovative 5-axis milling technology to manufacture and assemble complex components and custom machined parts from hard-to-machine metals. We procure all the necessary materials for your project using our trusted network of reliable vendors to decrease lead time and get you the critical components and assemblies you need on time.

While we specialize in offering CNC machined components and assemblies for the aerospace industry, our 3-axis and 5-axis milling capabilities allow us to create virtually any component you need based on your specifications.

Miller CNC strives to provide precision components customized to your demands. Contact us for more information about our CNC machining capabilities and learn what our machining assembly services can do for you.

Machining Assembly Services & Capabilities

Miller CNC manufactures a range of custom machined parts and components for numerous industries and applications.

Structural Components

Structural components can be made from a virtually unlimited combination of sizes, geometries, and materials based on your requirements. We manufacture brackets, beams, tracks, bulkheads, and more for a variety of industries, including meeting aerospace manufacturing Prime and Tier 1 standards.

Machined Actuators

Our advanced software and internal processes allow us to mill complete machined actuators in a single setup. In addition to our aerospace actuators, we can machine pistons, shafts, poppets, inlet/outlet fittings, end caps, and many more components for multiple industries.

Hydraulic Manifolds

Miller CNC can manufacture hydraulic manifolds for directing liquids in a closed-loop system. These parts range from small, simple components with a few ports to large components with dozens of ports and complex geometries.

Fluid Control Components

We are experts at machining high-quality aerospace fluid control components, including de-icing systems, cabin pressure units, fuel pumps, control valves for fuel injection systems, and valves for brake controls. With substantial machining experience, we can build control valves from nearly any material.


Our experience and machining assembly capabilities allow us to create reliable, high-quality parts based on your needs. Miller CNC proudly manufactures custom machined parts for a variety of trades and industrial projects.

Advantages of Machined Components from Miller CNC

Miller CNC’s complete suite of value-added solutions ensures that we are the best choice for your CNC machining needs. We procure the necessary material for your component, manufacture it to your specifications, and assemble it as required to provide you with efficient CNC machining solutions. Our range of CNC machining equipment can create virtually endless component configurations, meeting all your product needs.

We work with trusted, reliable supply chain partners to offer a cost-efficient value for hardware that meets numerous regulatory specifications, including MIL-Spec, AMS-Spec, and AN-Spec regulations. Reduce lead times, decrease manufacturing costs, and streamline purchasing processes with Miller CNC. With our AS9100 & ISO 9001:2015 certification, we enforce the Counterfeit Parts Prevention Procedure to ensure transparent and accurate part traceability of all purchased components.

CNC Machining with Specialty Metals

Miller CNC has extensive experience forming CNC-machined components from hard metals, specialty alloys, and other difficult-to-machine materials. We create and assemble performance-built components using a range of specialty metals, including:

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At Miller CNC, we pride ourselves on first-rate service, precision machining, and customization capabilities. We strive to provide you with precisely what your project demands. With multiple exceptional internal processes and methods to machine high-performance, reliable components, Miller CNC has the expertise to create custom machined components for any industry.

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