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As a superalloy, Inconel® contains a high nickel content with exceptional resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Inconel® is also an ideal metal for high-temperature applications where resistance to extreme environments is non-negotiable. Used in components all over an aircraft, and in many other industries, Inconel® is an expensive metal, known for its difficult machinability, but Miller CNC has developed the proper methods to efficiently and reliably procure and machine it.

Types of Inconel® for CNC Machined Parts

Miller CNC works primarily with 2 types of Inconel: Inconel® 625 and Inconel® 718. Most of the Inconel® parts we have manufactured include internal engine components that require tight tolerances and often times threaded features. Many of the components we manufacture require tight extremely fine surface finish results in order to maintain sealing surfaces or other critical-to-function features. We have developed methods to meet or exceed even the most critical demands.

Inconel® 625 Machining and Milling Advantages

While exhibiting high strength, high-temperature and corrosion-resistance, Inconel® 625 has many characteristics needed for aerospace applications, so it’s used extensively. Inconel® is ideal for demanding environments and can take exposure to salt water, fresh water, air, alkaline chemicals and high heat levels. Inconel® components range from shims to fasteners and from bulkheads to fluid valves and manifolds.   

Inconel® 718 Applications

Widely used for jet engine components, Inconel® 718 is another nickel alloy used extensively in industry. Similar to Inconel® 625 with its mechanical properties, Inconel® 718 is capable of age hardening. As such, Inconel® 718 is often times better suited for specific applications as compared to Inconel® 625, but is more difficult to machine (particularly in the AMS 5663 hardened condition). Components range from inlet/outlet flanges to fuel injectors and many turbine components.

Inconel® Machined Parts for Aerospace & Additional Industries

As an AS9100D certified manufacturer, Miller CNC has been trusted with government and defense contracts for more than a decade. Inconel® 625 isn’t limited to only Aerospace applications and is used frequently in other industries such as:

Miller CNC Inconel® Machining And Milling Advantages

Miller CNC provides value-added turnkey solutions for Inconel® machining process that set us ahead of the competition. Miller CNC’s unique advantages enable us to exceed the performance demands and application requirements often associated with complex configurations.

Specialized Services

Miller CNC has built our business around working with difficult to machine materials such as Inconel®. Historically, up to 50%-60% of the materials we purchase are Inconel® materials. Our unique vendor relationship and internall processes allow us to provide accurate, reliable quotes for all your Inconel® component products.

Improved Quality

With our innovative technological capabilities, including CAM software, all Inconel® parts are machined without the physical handling of the part in one set up. Additionally, our  3-axis4-axis, and 5-axis machining processes allow for more accuracy than any other milling machine can provide. Our sourced hardware meets MIL-Spec, AMS-Spec, AN-Spec and other regulatory requirements. 

Time & Cost-Effective

Our fully automated CNC machining capabilities allow us to optimize cycle time while performing all required machining processes in a single fixture. This saves on production time, as well as labor and set-up costs.

Industry-Leading Inconel® Machining

Miller CNC can procure material for your component, manufacture it to your specifications and assemble the component as required. We can handle time-critical schedules and difficult parts that other shops aren’t able to create.

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