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With its high-strength and high heat resistance, titanium is a versatile metal useful for a wide variety of applications across different industries. Titanium is ideal for aerospace applications or those requiring lightweight, corrosion-resistance components. With many titanium grades available, Miller CNC primarily works with 6AL-4V titanium.

Precision Titanium Machining Knowledge

While titanium provides many benefits, it is also a difficult alloy to machine. It requires substantial knowledge regarding tooling, programming, and machining methods. This knowledge allows for the production of high-quality parts, machined as effectively as possible.

Titanium Machining Components Capabilities

With years of machining mission-critical titanium components, Miller CNC has accumulated the knowledge and expertise needed to reliably produce high-quality titanium machined parts. Throughout our tenure as a precision CNC machining shop, we have developed a reliable, cost-effective titanium material supply chain to ensure our customers receive the best possible value. Examples of titanium components we have produced includes:

  • Aircraft structural components
  • Bulkheads
  • Fasteners
  • Manifolds
  • Valves
  • Housings
  • Prosthetics
  • Implants

Miller CNC also has the capabilities to machine titanium in the form of castings or forgings

High-Performance Titanium CNC Machining Software

We employ a world-class HyperMILL CAM system for many of our titanium machining projects. This allows us to utilize different toolpath strategies for high-speed/high-volume material removal. This provides optimized cycle times, resulting in the production of higher quality parts with improved efficiency. This software gives us the ability to realize the full potential of our equipment, which is something that many machining suppliers cannot do.

Start Your Titanium CNC Machining Project

Work with the titanium machining experts at Miller CNC. We work extensively with exotic alloys and difficult-to-machine metals. Contact us or call us at 619-501-9866 today.

Complex 5 Axis Milled Heat Treated Titanium Part

Complex 5 Axis Milled Heat Treated Titanium Part